Saturday, November 3, 2007

"8-Track vs. iPod"


Lloyd's V128 8-track Player vs. iPod version .1

plays thousands of downloadable songs at 99 cents a piece
V128: plays thousands of thrifted 8-tracks for a dime per album

iPod: requires computer to change albums
V128: A fresh album is just one ka-chunk away

iPod: fits neatly into a pocket
V128: fits neatly into an ammunition locker

iPod: clean and clinical sounding digital
V128: unreliable and noisy sounding analog

iPod: easily scratched porcelain style case
V128: thick white shiny plastic would stop a bullet

iPod: powered by expensive and difficult to replace internal battery
V128: powered by several expensive flashlight D cells -incl. jack for running off of a car battery

iPod: repair conducted through draconian Apple service program
V128: It's called "Gorilla Glue", people...

iPod: current track display
V128: current track display

One unit is scarcely a replacement for the other, but it's interesting to see that these two devices placed 40 years apart aren't as far apart as one might think.

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