Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Winehouse may be banned From U.S."

from - by Andrew Tijs

Winehouse May Be Banned From US

Amy Winehouse's father reveals that recent drug charges may mean she can't get a US visa.

The UK's Daily Mail claims that Winehouse may be ineligible for a US visa because she unwittingly signed a confession during her arrest in Norway for marijuana possession.

Mitch Winehouse blamed Norwegian officials for tricking his daughter into signing a confession. It was reportedly written in Norwegian and she thought was a release form.

He insists the marijuana found in their hotel room was not hers. He said: "It didn't belong to her, it belonged to someone else on the tour. They arrested Blake, Amy and the person who was responsible."

Norwegian authorities and the British Consulate are apparently collaborating in a bid to make sure Winehouse can get a visa for her forthcoming US appearances.

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