Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Dog gets tagged in West London"

from thesun.co.uk - by Alex Peake

SICK yobs daubed graffiti all over a DOG after it was left tied up outside a shop.

Furious owner Dawn Lavall found felt-pen scribble on the head and back of her pet American bulldog Precious.

Cuddle ... Dawn and pet

A smiley face was scrawled on a leg. Dawn, 43, said: "Whoever did this is sick. I'd only left her for ten minutes while I was in the shop.

"When I came out I was horrified to find that someone had drawn over her.

"It will take me ages to get it all out."

Animal-lover Dawn, of Fulham, West London – who also has ten cats and two guinea pigs – added: "I just hope it doesn't have any long-term effect.

"She had a lovely nature, but now gets frightened when anyone goes near her."

Dawn rescued Precious after she had been mistreated by a previous owner.

She said: "The moment I saw her I fell in love and had to have her.

"She is my baby. It makes my blood boil that someone could be so cruel.

"I can't see how they can get any sort of pleasure from drawing all over a defenceless animal."

The RSPCA is investigating.

Chief veterinary officer Steve Cheetham said yesterday: "This would have caused Precious distress."

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