Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Spice Girls' nude tour"

The Spice Girls are to be paid £1 million each to strip nude on their comeback tour.

And the news has sent ticket prices soaring on internet sites like eBay.

Mel C, 33, let slip: "We do actually go naked in the show, completely."

The girls will also do a pole-dancing strip-tease routine and have been hard at work in the studio.

A troupe of professionals have been giving them masterclasses in how to tease the audience with their sexy moves.

A source said: "It is their raunchiest routine ever and they just can't wait.

"It is going to be no holds barred. But they're all in great  shape, so why shouldn't they just go for it?"

The girls will use props to hide behind, according insiders.

Mel C revealed the cheeky plans on BBC2's The Graham Norton Show.

Meanwhile, fans in Manchester camped out for up to two days to get newly-released tour tickets.

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Spyder said...

let the multi-MILF tour begin