Sunday, October 14, 2007

"The Salt-N-Pepa Show: VH1 Debut: 10/15"


Episode 1: Pushin' It

Can Grammy Award-winning rap duo Salt-N-Pepa work together again? Better yet, can they be in the same room without killing each other? Watch as Cheryl "Salt" Wray and Sandy "Pepa" Denton try resolve their long-simmering differences and reclaim their friendship. Can they reconcile their provocative stage personas with Salt's new-found spirituality? When Pepa crosses the line at a rehearsal, Salt takes charge and persuades Pepa to perform at her church. Can Pepa do her thing without offending the congregation?

The Salt-N-Pepa Show Debuts October 15th @ 10:00PM on VH1.

And by the way, did Pepa have some work done? Not sayin' she doesn't look good or anything, I'm juss sayin'. She didn't look like that even a year ago. Anyways, check the video trailer below. - Ace:)

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Spyder said...

Hope Pepa will be doing more tricks like this on her new show: