Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Playing MP3's on Tivo"

from tech.yahoo.com - Adapted From: Tivo for Dummies:

Playing MP3s on TiVo

Before TiVo, MP3s only rocked from your computer or your MP3 player. Neither one boasted great sound. And neither hooked up easily with the stereo. Home Media Option, available for an additional fee, turns TiVo into your personal jukebox, making it easy to find the right tunes at the right times. You'll love finding just the right album for dinner.

TiVo sounds best, of course, when hooked up to your home stereo. TiVo lets you play songs the same way you display photos.

To play your favorite songs, follow these steps:

1. Choose Music & Photos.

Select Music & Photos from TiVo Central.

2. Choose your computer from the list.

Single-computer households see only one computer; on networks, choose the computer that published the music you want.

3. Navigate to the appropriate folder.

Push the Arrow buttons to move between folders. You can also press Select to open a folder.

4. Play the song or folder.

Press Play on a folder to play everything inside. Press Play on a single song to play that song, followed by the rest of the folder's songs.

Organizing a large MP3 or photo collection takes some work. Hopefully you've kept the songs for each artist or album in their own folder. (TiVo may tucker out if you've stuffed a few thousand folders into a single folder.)

5. Press Enter for options.

While playing a song, TiVo offers the same options as with slide shows. You can repeat playing the folder's songs. You can shuffle the songs when playing. Lastly, you can choose whether you want to include subfolders.

Here are a few more tips you'll want to keep in mind when playing MP3s on TiVo:

  • Stuck in the middle of a drum solo? To find out when a jam session will end, press Play. Up pops the familiar green Status Bar, pointing out the song's beginning, end, and your current location.
  • The remote's Volume controls the loudness; you can't turn it up or down from your computer.
  • Stuck at the top of a long list of files? Press the Jump to End (Advance) button, and TiVo jumps right to Zappa.

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