Monday, October 15, 2007

"Robert Deniro's actual Taxi Driver's License"

To prepare for the classic Martin Scorsese directed film "Taxi Driver", Robert Deniro actually obtained an actual Taxicab Driver's License. In fact, not only did he get licensed to drive NYC taxis, he actually picked up fares in Manhattan to prepare for the role of deranged Vietnam Veteran Travis Bickle.

The image seen above is a scan of the actual license, which was donated to The Harry Ransom Center by Mr. Deniro along with other numerous items of film-related material in 2006.

Pretty damn cool I'd say!

Now enjoy the original theatrical trailer of "Taxi Driver" brought to you by the fine folks at! - Ace:)

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Spyder said...

My absolute favorite actor of all time and probably one of his best films too. Good post !!