Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Madonna's debut album: My story"

Madonna's debut album: My story - by Ace:)

Can you say 'classic album' boys & girls??

I remember vividly rushing to the mall to grab a copy of the vinyl LP to play at my first DJ gig @ America On Wheels Roller Rink in NJ. It was release day, and my dad agreed to take me there on the way to the rink. He parked outside and waited while I literally ran into the store to buy it. I handed the clerk the cash, he stuffed the record in a bag, and I was off. I got back into dad's car, yanked the LP out of the bag, and started gazing at both the front & back of the album jacket. Up until that time there really weren't many photos of Madonna floating around, and it was great to finally hold the album in my hands.

See, my fellow teen DJ's and I had been playing Madonna's "Everybody" and "Burning up" 12" vinyl singles to DEATH for the longest. We all were STARVING for the full album to come out, and now I had it in my hands and would soon burst through the door of my beloved rink and show it off to everyone.

Once I walked through the door, I started waving it around as my friends grabbed for it. "Get away!" I said. I ran to the DJ booth, quickly slid the disc outta the sleeve, placed it on the Technics 1200 turntable, and dropped the needle on side one/track one: "Lucky Star". I then quickly pulled my 'Disco' skates out of my skate bag, laced 'em up quick, and hit the floor. I played the entire first side of the album (complete with the silent spaces in between), and then skated back up into the booth, flipped it over, and once again dropped the needle. This time it was the first cut on side 2: "Holiday" - WOW!! We all skated through the rest of the album, and were all pleasantly surprised by how great the songs were, and how it was a fine album to skate to as well. It would be a few months before Madonna-Mania swept the world, and for those few months, Madonna was ours. The 'Rink Rats' as we called ourselves.

While there are obviously MEGA classics on this album, my favorite song on it has to be "Physical Attraction" with "Think of Me" a close second. Most think my second choice is an odd one, but there's something special about that tune, especially during the breakdown towards the end of the track.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 24 years, Madonna did indeed go on to 'rule the world', and sell a gazillion records. - Ace:)

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