Sunday, October 21, 2007

"The Donald thinks Sir Paul's a schmuck"


Donald Trump has slammed SIR Paul McCartneyfor neglecting to sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying his now estranged wife HEATHER MILLS. The tycoon sympathises with the Beatle, branding him a "poor b**tard" over his bitter divorce battle He writes in his new book Think Big and Kick As, "I watched Larry King before they were married and Larry said 'Sir Paul, are you going to have a prenuptial agreement?' "Paul said, 'I don't want one because we're deeply in love'. I thought, 'What a mistake. This guy is a schmuck'." Trump, 61, who paid out $30 million (GBP15 million) to two former wives adds, "Get a prenuptial agreement. Don't believe me? Ask Paul MCCartney what he thinks."

**on a personal note: Donald needs to shut his damn trap and recognize! - Ace:)

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