Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Guitar MP3 player is ready to rock"


THIS is the kind of novelty you get bought for Christmas, use a couple of times then shove away in the cupboard.

It's an MP3 player shaped like a guitar, which means there is no screen on board to see what is playing.

And while that may suit some, it's not exactly going to knock the iPod from its lofty perch.

However, its 1GB of memory will hold about 250 tracks and comes with a little stand and also a lanyard to hang it round your neck.

I'm not sure what the point of the plectrum is but it all adds to the fun.

What makes it great though is the mini speaker set-up that's cunningly disguised as an amp.

Quirky and very cool, it's a decent shout as a pressie for that rocker in your life, even if they only play with it occassionally.

You'll find it at for £49.99.

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