Sunday, October 21, 2007

"John Cusack Guest Stars On Bob Dylan's Radio Show"


John Cusack's radio dreams have come true after getting the call to appear on his hero Bob Dylan's weekly show. Cusack offered his services to Dylan after listening to his hit satellite show, "Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour," and was stunned when the rocker returned his call.

The movie star says, "I had gotten Bob to let me use his songs in a couple of my movies, so I'd gone through the channels... and so I just called and said, 'You know if you ever wanted somebody to be on your radio show, I'd do it.

"I didn't hear anything and then I got the call... I thought that was kinda the coolest thing for me. I love that show and he's just such a master."

Cusack has already recorded his interview for Dylan's show - and now listens in to hear the chat.

He adds, "You just keep waiting each week, so I hope I'll be on one week. I haven't been on it for the first three."

* Bob Dylan's show can be heard on XM Satelite Radio. - Ace:)

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