Monday, January 7, 2008

"Yazoo album reissues coming... Possible reunion?"

While there hasn't been an 'official' announcement as of yet, several sources are reporting that Mute Records will be releasing remastered editions of both Yazoo albums some time this year:

1982's "Upstairs at Eric's"


1983's "You and Me Both"

Rumours of a companion DVD with rare footage of the group are just that at this point - rumours.

What's quite exciting to me is that Yazoo is planning a live gig to promote the re-releases. Whether this will be a one-off performance, a mini-tour, or more, is yet unknown.

I'm a massive fan of Yazoo, and this is very exciting news indeed. Especially if these things take place!

But in the meantime, and in between time - make sure to check out their official website @ and also have a look @ their myspace page - - Ace:)

* Video for my personal favourite Yazoo track below - "Nobody's Diary"

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Spyder ~ said...

Interesting how you used a US cover for one jacket and a UK cover for the other (Yaz vs Yazoo). Perhpas they will include "The Other Side Of Love" (one of my personal non-LP faves) on the re-release. Was previously only a 12" single (played VERY often by me on radio and in clubs in early 80s) and included on the Japanese version of Upstairs At Eric's (btw, who is Eric?). Would like to see a intimate live show. I have see both live and have met each of them in person (just never together). Would love to hear a new song or 8 from them as well.