Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Retro video : Captain Sensible - WOT!"

He said CAP-TAIN, I said WOT!?

One of my favorite tracks growing up back in the dark ages...

It's The Damned's Guitarist, Captain Sensible with "WOT!" - released in 1982 on A&M Records.

This track came out when Hip-Hop was still an underground phenomenon. Safe to say that this was one of the first 'Rap' songs to break through into the Suburban neighborhoods. Blondie's "Rapture" came out just a year earlier.

This is quite possibly the first-ever 'diss' track by a white 'rapper'. The 'Adam' he's speaking of is 80's icon Adam from Adam & The Ants.

Anyways, check it out! - Ace:)


When I woke up this morning I was feelin' fine
But this cat starts banging man what a swine.
So I called reception but to no avail
That's why I'm telling you this sorry tale.
It went bang - I said shut up

It went bang - I said rap up.
Well I'm aware that the guy must do his work
But the piledriver man drove me berserk.
He said captain
I said wot

He said captain
I said wot
He said captain
I said wot
He said captain
I said wot d'ya want

Once a lifetime
twice a day
If you don't work you get no pay.

I been to the east
I been to the west

But the girls I like best are the ones undressed.

Well hello Adam
where you been?
I said a'stand aside 'cause I'm feelin' mean

I've had a gutful of you and I'm feelin' bad'
Cause you're an ugly old pirate and ain't I glad.
He said captain
I said wot. . .

He said captain
I said wot

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Spyder ~ said...

Granted, a cool track and I used to play quite often back in me ol' radio days, but I still thought it was a bit too kitschy compared to his early Damned material (first album rocked!!). But then again, one of my absolute all time fave albums in the world is the NON-Captain Damned album, Phantasmagoria. One of my deserted island pieces, for sure.
But for Capt solo stuff, his remake of Happy Talk (later re-released on the flip side of the Wot single you posted) was my fave, then Glad Its All Over. His rendition of Jet Boy Jet Girl paled in comparisson to the French version by Plastic Bertrand. And of course, due to my name, I used get people requesting (again on radio) for me to play Captain's "I Am A Spider[sic]." After 1984, Captain fell of my personal radar until I started seeing his name, for a half a minute, associated with Norman Cook's stuff (aka Fat Boy Slim, Beats International, etc.). I know he's done various session and production work for UK Subs and other various punk bands.
Nonetheless, Wot! still brings back memories of my golden days. LMAO

As you can tell, I can ramble on when it comes to early 80's alternative music.