Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Annie Lennox on Amy Winehouse"

from World Entertainment News Network
Annie Lennox is urging music fans to ignore Amy Winehouse's erratic personal life and concentrate on her incredible voice instead. The ex-Eurythmics star is amazed by the 23-year-old's singing, and wishes the press and public would spend more time focusing on her talent.
Lennox tells Spinner.com, "Everybody loves Amy Winehouse's music. I love Amy Winehouse's music. I think she's a genius. "I went to see her perform when she was 18, and I heard her first album when it was in demo form... and I was like, 'This child, she is like whoa! How does an 18-year-old sound like she's 60 in the best possible way, i.e. a seasoned jazz singer like something you've never heard before?' "So, to me, she's profound. Forget about all the rest, about all the troubles and all that. There's something about her that resonates with everybody."

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