Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Where are they now? The scary twin girls from Kubrick's The Shining"

from - by Timothy Sexton

Perhaps only Stanley Kubrick could have made the most terrifying scene in all of film history using only three kids and a Big Wheel.

Lisa and Louise Burns were real-life twin sisters who played the unfortunate victims of an earlier psychopathic caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. The bizarre appearance of the young girls and their disturbing British accent stamped them indelibly into the nightmares of countless generations of filmgoers.

Where are they now?

How do you top one of the all-time great movie debuts in cinematic history? One way is by never making another movie. Neither girl apparently made another film or even appeared onscreen again except in a VH-1 "Where are They Now?" episode devoted to kids who appeared in horror films.

Instead, both girls went the academic route. Lisa has a degree in Literature, while her sister went on to become a microbiologist.

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