Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Paul McCartney to duet with Ozzy at Brit Awards"

from - by C. Taylor

Sir Paul McCartney is set to team up with a strange choice of singing partner the 2008 Brit Awards – he's to duet with Ozzy Osbourne.

The former Beatle is to receive the Outstanding Contribution To Music award, and plans are being finalised for him to give the show a fitting conclusion by performing Bond theme classic 'Live And Let Die' with the ex-Black Sabbath frontman.

Why Macca needs someone to duet with on the song, and why that someone would be Ozzy, is beyond us – but, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's all Sharon Osbourne's idea.

She tells The Sun, "They go together really well. It will be amazing."

Ozzy is a self-confessed McCartney fanatic though, after voting 'Memory Almost Full' his album of 2007.

"McCartney's a genius. The Beatles were the greatest band ever," he says.

Reports Macca will dedicate 'Live And Let Die' to Heather Mills are as yet unconfirmed...

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