Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Kate Moss lawyers-up to stop release of raunchy home video"


If she didn't already regret dating Pete Doherty, Kate Moss has new reason to dislike her troubled ex.

Doherty, the drug-addled British singer whom Moss was engaged to, is reportedly in negotiations to sell the couple's story to Britain's ITV2 network, and the sale would include the pair's private home videos for broadcast. Page Six reports that the documentary would be titled "Kate & Pete: A Love Story," and that Doherty stands to make $1 million from the sale.

According to Page Six, Moss is furious with Doherty's actions, and has her legal team working to block the release of the home videos.

"Kate is furious with Pete," a Page Six source said. "She has contacted her lawyers and plans to get an injunction to stop the production. Some of it is really raunchy stuff Kate believed would never be seen by anyone else."

Doherty and Moss' erratic relationship ended for good last summer after years of on-and-off romance. During their relationship, Moss was famously photographed doing lines of what appeared to be cocaine in Doherty's studio, leaving many blaming Doherty for being a bad influence on the supermodel.

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