Thursday, December 27, 2007

"TV Exec may be Jamie Lynn Spears' real baby daddy??"

The plot may be thickening folks.... Star Magazine is reporting that Spears family members are allegedly hinting that 18 year old assumed-baby daddy Casey Aldridge may not be the baby daddy after all. What they are alleging is that Mr. Aldridge is being paid off to be the fall guy so potential baby daddy #2 doesn't get thrown in the klink.

These sources allegedly claim that Spears & Aldridge were barely seeing each other as of late, and that the yet unnamed baby daddy #2 may be a substantially older executive who works on Jamie Lynn's TV show Zoey 101. Whatever that is...

Anyway, if true said baby daddy would indeed face statutory rape charges. So, that's the word on the tabloid street. I'm waiting to see her on Maury Povich any day now. - Ace:)

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