Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Christian YouTube is the fastest growing site on the Net"

from via usatoday

It seems like every day brings the launch of a new YouTube knockoff that offers fancy integrated video players and the ability to upload user-created content. Few of these upstarts seem to have a chance compared to Google's juggernaut ... except for the porn-focused ones, of course, which seem to be doing quite well. Conversely, a Christian-focused alternative is also finding quite a bit of success by letting believers strut their faith for all the Web to see.

GodTube was launched last January by Chris Wyatt, a former producer for CBS. It mostly offers user-generated Christian programming, like a number of parodies of popular songs re-written to include Christian overtones,(some funny,some not) and, of course, plenty of preaching. Much of the site's content is a little more controversial, however, including a number of videos attacking Mormonism and one in which an atheist holds a Christian at gunpoint and asks him to die for his faith.

So, perhaps not everyone can appreciate the content, but surely everyone can appreciate the traffic. In August GodTube was the fastest growing Web site on the 'Net according to Comscore, an Internet marketing company. GodTube tauts 1.6 million unique visitors a month, an impressive figure for an upstart, but not quite a threat to YouTube's stats yet, estimated to be somewhere around 50 million per month.

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Spyder said...

There is a whole series of tubes. First there was YouTube. Then there was GodTube. Now there's JewTube, IslamicTube, TeacherTube, InnerTube, XTube, VacuumTube, etc