Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Wicked ultra-modern DJ table: $3,600.00"

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DJ Kreemy Table

This ultra modern DJ Table from designer Karim Rashid ($3,600) was designed specifically to make you look great even if your lackluster vinyl collection isn't exactly making the crowd bounce. It's got room for two turntables, mixer, and has a dual lighting system of two 25watt lamps and a concealed power cord. Made of molded fiberglass with a steel base, the turntable station is finished with Dupont automotive paint and is available in white, yellow, orange, pink and other custom colors.

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Spyder said...

looks like crap...LOL. But how about this other piece of crap:

Danny has been trying to sell this beats for YEARS and no bites. Maybe the $25,000 price tag might be scaring people away....hmmmm