Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Jam of the moment: 11/5/07"

OK, so here's the deal... I recently received Universal Republic Records' promo A&R Sampler for October 2007. It features 15 tracks from their artists: Amy Winehouse, Colbie Caillat, Godsmack, etc.
Anyway... Track #8 is 100% pure FIRE!

ALAWAN "Calabria"
I did some Googling to see what I could find out about this track/artist, and didn't come up with too much. It seems she is/was signed to Latium Records, and is now being licensed to Universal or something to that affect. Just assuming here... The (Latium) label's website has next to no information on it's site regarding ALAWAN. No bio, no video, club dates, etc. Just two images of her. One of which I revamped as seen below.©

Alawan does have a Myspace page (check the link at latiument.com) - but again, not too much going on there.

What's up with that? You have a potential monster on your hands and must be prepared for an explosion when/if it happens.
From what I've been able to find out by doing a bit of digging online is that this song is a remake of Enur (featuring Natasja)'s version of "Calabria". Turns out that Natasja Saad died tragically in June of this year in a car accident.
Also a friend of mine hipped me to the fact that the same horn riff was used in Alex Gaudino (feat. Crystal Waters) - "Destination Calabria" jam as well.
In any event... To get back on topic here...

ALAWAN's "Calabria" is my Jam of the moment. Without a doubt a BLAZINGLY HOT track that should explode worldwide if given the proper push from the fine folks over @ Universal Republic U.S.

I've posted a snippet of the track for you to enjoy. If anyone has more info about this artist, the label, or who produced it you can contact me by clicking 'view my complete profile' on the right of this page - then click the handy-dandy email link. - Ace:)

ALAWAN Calabria.

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