Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Prince vs. Fans"

from yahoo.com - dotmusic

Prince vs. fans

Prince is involved in a head-to-head dispute with three unofficial fan websites, after reportedly demanding they remove all images of him.

The sites--housequake.com, princefams.com, and prince.org--have now launched "Prince Fans United," in protest at his action.

Claming they are under "constant threats from Prince and his attorneys," the webmasters from each online community has vowed to fight the move.

They have posted a statement, which explains he is trying "to stifle all critical commentary," insisting: "We strongly believe that such actions are in violation of the freedom of speech and should not be allowed."

They claim the pop star has even demanded the removal of "fan's own photographs of their Prince-inspired tattoos and their vehicles displaying Prince-inspired license plates."

The statement continues: "It is their hope that Prince will reconsider his position and allow these fansites to continue their existence without constant threats from Prince and his attorneys. Should this not be possible, the fansites are fully prepared to defend their position in the proper court of law, as well as fully prosecute any claims to which they are justly entitled."

There has so far been no official comment from Prince about the dispute.

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