Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Meatloaf quits the music industry during gig"


Meatloaf quits the music industry during gig

Larger than life rock legend Meatloaf sensationally quit the music industry halfway through his concert at Newcastle's Metro Radio Arena, on Wednesday night.

Shocked fans, who have reported that Meat appeared to be slurring his words and rambling during the show, saw the singer stop, moments into the song 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' and announce: "This is my last ever gig, this is my last ever song. Thanks for 30 years, I can't do this anymore."

He then left the stage, reportedly into the care of a St John Ambulance crew.

"He was suffering from severe strain and he has been told he has been overdoing things a bit. He is feeling a lot better," said a spokesperson for the venue.

Tonight's concert in Birmingham is expected to go ahead as planned.

Meatloaf's reluctance to perform comes as no surprise to 4Music. We spoke to the big man back towards the end of last year and he exclusively revealed to us that he found the recording process painful and no longer wished to make albums.

"When you go to sing in a studio, it's like cutting yourself with razor blades."

When we asked him if 'Bat Out Of Hell 3' would be his final record, he replied, "Um. Pretty much."

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Spyder said...

so I guess the music industry has been "beating the meat" for too long.