Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Mark Ronson: 'Amy Winehouse eager to start new album'

from NME.com

Mark Ronson:
'Amy Winehouse eager to start new album'

Producer suggests Phil Spector will be an influence

08.Oct.07 5:21pm

Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson have been making plans to start recording the singer's follow-up to the massively successful 'Back To Black'.

The producer explained that Winehouse is "dying to go back into the studio", but that they won't be able to start work on the record until after the end of her tour in November.

Speculating on what the new album may sound like, Ronson told Rolling Stone they may be looking to infamous producer Phil Spector's 'Wall Of Sound' technique for inspiration.

He said: "I think that we can't do the same thing again - it can't be like a 60s element or Motown. If anything, I'd really like to make it sound older or more morbid or really 'Wall Of Sound'. But I don't want to second guess before I actually hear the songs."

* On a personal note, I'd like to wish Amy the best. I truly hope she gets herself to where she needs to be. I am SO looking forward to her next project. Amy is one gifted singer, and Mr. Ronson is a BEAST in the recording studio. Cheers to both of them! - Ace:)

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