Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Janet's 45% done"

According to Jermaine Dupree, Janet Miss Jackson if ya nasty's new album is 45% complete.

The album will contain a duet with Maroon 5 (hurl) and a track penned by Rihanna's 'Umbrella' man THE DREAM. Unfortunately, the world will have to wait even longer for that Janet/Mariah collabo. JD stated "It's gonna surface one day. Something is gonna come up, and we gonna say, 'This is it,' So eloquently put Jermaine...

Personally I can wait forever to hear what in my opinion would be a trainwreck of a song. But what do I know? - Ace:)

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Spyder said...

Holy fuck !!! Dude, you have NO idea how much Janet looks like my friend Jaime... IN DRAG. Check your picture of Janet and compare to my friend Jaime on his CD cover from years back:

Dude ... Janet ripped him off big time. I'm emailing Jaime right now. He's gonna shit in his skirt.