Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Bobby Brown heart attack?"

I know, it's shocking that a person such as he have an alleged heart attack, but that's the word on the e-street (although Bobby Bee denies it)

Note to Bobby Brown: You better chiggety-check yerself, before you riggety-wreck yerself.

Get yo sef together and get back in the studio with some good people around you.

Anyway, heart attack or no heart attack, I hope he puts his life back together. It seems it's been apart for over a decade now. - Ace;)

FYI: The folks over at have a still image of the King of R&B laid up in the hospital bed along with a video of Bobby errrr, ummmm 'speaking'. Scroll to bottom of their main page.

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Spyder said...

BB claims this is false:,2933,301055,00.html