Saturday, October 13, 2007

"The Kinks' Ray Davies gives it away"

Kinks singer in CD giveaway deal

Former Kinks singer Ray Davies has agreed a deal to give away his new album Working Man's Cafe with the Sunday Times newspaper.

The promotion follows a similar deal in which The Mail on Sunday gave away free copies of Prince's latest CD.

Davies said he was "truly excited that 1.5 million copies will be distributed to people who'll hear it organically... the way it was intended".

The album will come free with the UK newspaper on 21 October.

In addition, Vietnam Cowboys, a track from the album, will be available as a free download on the newspaper's website from this Sunday.

'Reaching out'

"It's an exciting opportunity I couldn't resist," Davies said. "Personally, it's about reaching as many people as possible."

It is the latest venture in an era where artists are increasingly finding new ways to release their music.

Earlier this week, Radiohead launched their new album In Rainbows via their own website and asked fans to decide how much to pay for it.

The Charlatans will let fans download their forthcoming new album for free from the website of radio station Xfm.

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Spyder said...

It's the wave of the future. What better way to promote yourself than give it away legally and find some joint ventures to tie in with to make some money. Full respect for anyone learning to deal with the facts, than fight them.