Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Retro Video : Flying Lizards - Money (That's What I Want)"

Here's one of my favorite cult classics from the 80's. It's The Flying Lizards with their brilliant Beatles' cover of "Money" (That's What I Want) - The song was actually first recorded by Barrett Strong in 1959 and released on Berry Gordy's Tamla Records. Mr. Strong wrote the song as well.

The Lizards version was released here in the United States in 1979 on Virgin Records. This remake was so ahead of it's time that to this day it sounds futuristic. It's been licensed recently in films, and adverts worldwide. This track peaked @ number 5 on the UK Pop Chart, and made it to number 34 here in The States.

With deadpan, monotone vocals from Ms. Deborah Evans-Stickland and the music bed being crafted by Experimental-Pop producer David Cunningham, this track stood out like a purple throbbing thumb in 1979. Still does to this day in fact.

Since The Flying Lizards project David has been quite busy working on some real avant-garde projects, while vocalist Deborah Evans-Stickland has been a Psychotherapist for some years now, working in London's West End.

There's just something about this chune that sets it apart from any other song you've ever heard. Perhaps it all comes down to the sum of all it's parts.

I want MONEY! - Ace:)

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