Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Happy Birthday Thora Birch"

Happy 26th Birthday to actress Thora Birch! Star of one of my favorite movies EVER - "Ghost World"

Here's a bit of what Wikipedia.com has on Ms. Birch: - Ace:)

Thora Birch (born March 11, 1982) is an American actress. She was one of the leading child actors of the 1990s, starring in movies such as Patriot Games (1992), Hocus Pocus (1993), Clear and Present Danger (1994), Now and Then (1995), and Alaska (1996). Since this she has moved on to more mature roles, with notable performances in films such as American Beauty (1999), and the acclaimed cult film Ghost World (2001).

Personal life

Birch was born in Los Angeles, California, the eldest child of Jack Birch and Carol Connors. Both her parents (who have managed her career and remain her managers up to the present day) were former adult film actors and both appeared in the Adult Film, Deep Throat. Birch is of Jewish, Nordic, and Italian descent. The family's original surname was "Biersch", coming from her German Jewish ancestors. The name 'Thora' is a feminized form of the name Thor, the God of the Sky and of Thunder in Norse mythology. Birch lives in Southern California. She is a vegan and holds a blue belt in karate.

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