Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Led Zeppelin reunion: band will play new song live"

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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has revealed that his band will perform a track they have never played live before at their forthcoming O2 Arena show in London on December 10.

Speaking to Reuters, Page gave a vague clue as to the period the song comes from--although he offered a 12-year time zone.

"There's one number that we rehearsed, I assume that it will make it to the Dome, that we never played at any point in time," he explained. "It dates from when the band was together between 1968 and 1980. It's a really intense number."

* I have a wild theory that the song in question will be "Out On The Tiles". When Jason Bonham was doing that "Supergroup" show on VH1 they performed "Out On The Tiles", and Jason mentioned that Zep never performed that song live. I'm not saying that just because of that statement Zeppelin will do that track @ the reunion, I'm just puttin' it out there.. - Ace:)

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