Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Why is R. Kelly still walking the streets?"

Rather than post the recent 'news' about R. Kelly missing some court date in Chicago, I'm just going to throw this out there....

Why is this guy still walking the streets??? Guilty until proven innocent my ASS. Dude's on tape urinating on a child. The trial should last about 10 minutes. Play the tape for the jury, the jury heads to their quarters to deliberate... The jury eats some free court lunch... They return with an obvious guilty verdict. It should not take YEARS to prosecute someone who was clearly videotaped committing the crime.

Michael Vick slaughtered dogs and got the book thrown at him in a flash. What gives?

And to the potential R. Kelly jurors... Please add additional time to Robert Kelly's sentence for that God-awful "Trapped in the Closet" sh!t he unleashed on the world. That ALONE is worth a minimum of 5 years in the joint. I'm juss sayin. - Ace:)

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