Friday, December 14, 2007

"Photo of the Day: 12/14/07"

Here's a nifty image I found whilst surfing the net. It was on a wall at last year's WFMU Record Show in NJ. Best described as 'The United States of Records' I'd imagine.

For those who have no clue what WFMU is, here's a brief description from their site

"WFMU-FM is a non-commercial, freeform radio station broadcasting at 91.1 Mhz FM in Jersey City, NJ, right across the Hudson from lower Manhattan. We were formerly on the campus of Upsala College, in East Orange, NJ, but relocated in 1998, having procured our independence in 1994 from the college. We have a relay station, WXHD, 90.1 Mhz FM, broadcasting in the Hudson Valley, Lower Catskills, Western New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania."

If you've never heard the station, you MUST! Visit their site and check out their show archive and/or listen to their shows as they stream in real time. - Ace:)