Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Cliteater - finish recording new album"


CLITEATER have posted the following update:

"We finished the recordings of "Scream Bloody Clit". The masterpiece will be mixed by Morris himself and on december the 29th we're gonna master it! Prepare for some deathgrinding goregroove rock madness!!!! This saturday we will play with our buddies from LEGION OF THE DAMNED at Tinus in Helden, Holland. This wil be our last gig for 2007. For more gigs watch our site."

* I have absolutely no clue who, or what Cliteater is - however I DO know that this is 'effing hysterical! A 'masterpiece' indeed! - Ace:)

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Spyder ~ said...

Perhaps they pronounce the name of their band as Kly-Teeter.