Saturday, December 1, 2007

"Herbie Hancock's Rockit in Visa TV spot"

It seems as though folks my age have taken over the empire at this point. On the heels of the Visa Card ad which featured Soul Sonic Force's "Looking For The Perfect Beat" last year, comes their latest TV ad which uses Herbie Hancock's B-Boy anthem "Rockit".

While I tend to dislike such tracks being used for corporate ads, I guess it's a good thing that a new generation of kids will discover Herbie's landmark recording.

In 1983 "Rockit" was way ahead of it's time. The track inspired millions to start DJ'ing after hearing Grandmaster D.S.T.'s signature scratching - DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, and DJ Qbert - just to name a few.

Enjoy the Visa Card TV ad below, along with the original groundbreaking video for "Rockit" - directed by the legendary dynamic duo of Godley & Creme. - Ace:)

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