Monday, November 26, 2007

"Paul McCartney Recording New Album With His Son"


James continues his family heritage...

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he is recording an album with his son which looks set to be released in 2008.

McCartney's son James has previously appeared on two of his father's solo albums but is now keen to launch his own solo career.

Speaking about the project Sir Paul said: "I'm actually doing some recording with my son. We're just looking at the idea of him making an album.

"He's doing it all. He's writing it all, laying it all. It's sensational. But there's nothing set yet. We don't know if it'll work.

"The plan is for me to just do some recording with him, and it's really exciting. I'm really loving it."

James follows in a long line of Beatles offspring ploughing their own musical furrow with Ringo's son Zak playing drums for Oasis and The Who while Sean Lennon has released several solo albums.

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