Tuesday, July 22, 2008

92 KTU - New York City

Maaaaan, I remember rushing home from middle school to hit 'record' on my ghetto blaster to record Paco's Super Mixes on 92 KTU. Those were the days....

The Latin Rascals, Jose 'The Animal' Diaz, Carlos DeJesus, and my man Paco throwin' down some of the baddest joints ever made. PERIOD.

And I remember seeing this TV commercial back then... How could I forget those eggs frying while Warp 9's "Nunk" (New Wave Funk) played in the background. Seems like just yesterday, but in fact it's a lifetime ago. Twenty six years. *Sigh*

This goes out to all my peeps out there old and dusty enough to have been alive back then to experience it. Truly a magical time. - Ace:)

BONUS 1978 KTU TV commercial:)

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