Monday, February 11, 2008

"A little note for Natalie Cole"

So.... Natalie Cole sure had alot to say about Amy Winehouse, huh? Ms. Cole stated that Amy didn't "deserve" to win the Grammy Awards last night. Natalie also went on to call Amy "crazy", and remarked that "she needs to get her life together first, and then get the awards later."

Well, I think that Natalie Cole should keep her coattail-riding, grave-robbing, player-hating mouth shut, and concentrate on her OWN affairs. Perhaps take some time figuring out yet another way to raid her father's tomb, and LESS time shitting on someone else's success.

While I understand how Amy being blessed with such awards could be viewed as being awarded for bad behavior, it's my opinion that these bitter-sounding statements from Natalie Cole were inappropriate.

At the end of the day, Amy Winehouse has more raw talent in her faux beehive hairdo than Natalie Cole has in her entire body.

Anyway, that's my 3 cents on this subject. - Ace:)

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