Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Tom Hanks' son Colin making documentary about the Music Industry"

from World Entertainment News Network

Tom Hanks' actor son Colin is directing a documentary about the modern music industry.

The King Kong star was inspired to scrutinize record sales and downloading after realizing kids were no longer growing up with the "thrill" of buying music from a store.

He says, "I've bought music online but I'm still very big about going into a record store.

"I'm very proud to say that I actually paid $14 for the Radiohead CD, and then actually went into the effort of converting it in pounds so I could buy it on the (British band's) website.

"The film will show the death of the concept of what the music industry was and what it's evolving into, and how that will effect all forms of entertainment.

"Everything is changing and it's all because the fact that computers can now do a great many things. Something big is gonna change and it's been changing in the music business for a while now and it will start affecting almost every other aspect of the entertainment industry.

"I will hopefully get a lot of musicians and various people involved in the music industry involved in the film."

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