Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Shannon - Let The Music Play : My story"

Up until 1983, I didn't listen to any non-Rock music - that is, until I heard Shannon's "Let The Music Play" on NYC radio station WRKS 98.7 Kiss FM. This song just had something about it that captured my attention. From the shrill intro, to the crack of that infamous whip, this song was in a league of it's own - period.

Thumping electronic beats, an infectious melody, and outstanding vocals by Ms. Brenda "Shannon" Greene made this single a worldwide hit in no time.

However, as my old friend Rich Weinman (Emergency Records employee at the time) tells it... He went to visit his buddy DJ John 'Jellybean' Benitez @ NYC's legendary hot spot 'The Funhouse' with a 12" acetate of "Let The Music Play" for John to test on the fickle Funhouse crowd . As the story goes, the first time John played the track it cleared the dancefloor. As the nights went by, 'Bean spun the disc a few more times, and before long it was a Funhouse anthem.

Released originally on Emergency Records in 1983, then later picked up by Mirage/Atlantic Records, this single changed my life and changed the face of Dance Music as well.

This was the first 12" vinyl single I ever purchased, and it sparked my decade+ long DJ career. Without a doubt a Turntable Treat!

Shannon would go on to release more Dance classics like "Give Me Tonight", "My Heart's Divided", "Do You Want To Get Away", and "Stronger Together". There have been recent remixes of her classic tracks, and she continues to perform live across the globe.

Shannon released an album of new material in 2007 titled "A Beauty Returns".

U.S. Original 12" vinyl (matrix #EMDS 6540)

Side A: Vocal (5:49)
Side B: Dub (6:10)

Written by: Chris Barbosa & Ed Chisolm
All instruments: Rob Kilgore
Produced by Mark Liggett/Chris Barbosa/Rob Hui

UK Import single cover artwork

German 7" single cover artwork

Original music video

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