Monday, January 28, 2008

"Marijuana Vending Machines!"

source (AP)

California approved vending machines that will sell marijuana. Starting Monday, patients can buy legal *medical* marijuana at a Los Angeles herbal nutrition center. They will go through security, submit their prescription, pay and pick up their drugs. Store employees call it a safe, fast way to order prescriptions.

Vince Mehdizadeh, Owner of Herbal Nutrition Center says, "They'll slide a card to get into the store after hours. They'll be greeted by a security guard right there. They'll slide card in and they'll fingerprint in to verify that it's them. A camera takes a picture of them, verifying that they're actually at the machine. And they get the medicine and they move on."

The state will start with two prescription vending machines offering medical marijuana. Owners believe they could become as common as pop machines.

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